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Specializing in Hot Yoga for Beginniers and Those with Chronic Pain.
Does this sound familiar?
You have been searching for a solution to get started with yoga because you either want to get in shape or ease some pain that has been keeping you from living to your fullest extent.

So you try a groupon for a studio, when you go the class that is super packed and the teacher is just sitting at the front of the class giving no personal attention while doing the practice with the class and then you get lost in class which makes you  feel like total failure.

Then you try another studio out and the place is SUPER HOT, again the teacher is at the front of the class but this time the teacher is SCREAMING at you and giving no personal direction and is just kind of mean.

This happens over and over and over. Now you are frustrated because you LIKE yoga, but there is seems like there is no place where the classes and teachers are really good and give you the personal attention you want to see results.

That’s what we are here for, to provide you the space that will give you the awesome benefits of yoga and make an BIG impact in your life.

Our goal is to help two types of people. 

1. Those new to yoga, you will get the personal attention needed to learn how to do all the postures safely and for rapid results. 

2. People with chronic pain or injuries will get the experience of pain relief specialist who have a long list of client successes.
What we do
We strive to create customized programs for you to get in shape and out of pain with our unique yoga system and nutrition programs
Hi, I’m Brian Monnier and for the last 18 years I have been the go to person in San Francisco for anyone who is a yoga beginner or has serious chronic injuries and wants to get better. 

I opened the California Yoga Company in 2004 and before that I was a top producing instructor such health and fitness clubs that include the Crunch, Bally’s Total Fitness and the Sport Club/La (now Equinox)
I began my yoga journey by having dedicated 15 year Martial arts practice that when I was 26 left my body a wreck with injuries.
In 1998 my passion left me with tons of little tweaks from years of hard training that eventually led to a serious back injury and a knee that my doctors said needed to be operated on and more than likely I would need to give my martial arts practice.

Not wanting to get life altering surgery, I asked him what I could do to help.
He simply shrugged and said, there is the this Hot Yoga thing that I am seeing great results with.

After trying a bunch of places I eventually found my teacher who taught me in a way that NO ONE else was doing.
With tons of personal attention and great deal care for my progress.

When it was my time to become a teacher, I took what he taught me and started to help my clients get some amazing results in the Health and Fitness clubs.

After about 4 years, I decided to take the step and open my own studio.

Before I did I went to every place in town and got frustrated because there NO places where the yoga and teachers were really amazing without the what I call the “Yoga attitude”

Either the classes were too easy and I didn’t feel like I was doing anything or class was awesome but they were SUPER packed and there was absolutely no connection with teacher other than hearing them scream out orders like a drill instructor.
Thus the CYC was born
I had an epiphany. 

What if I opened a studio where the classes were awesome AND the teacher had the space to really teach and excelled in making a personal connection with each person.

You may know what I’m talking about.

Have you ever been in a class 40-50 other people and the teacher seems to be teaching a good class, but you just don’t know how to do any of the poses well and you get lost.

Or maybe the class is a Hot Yoga one and the teacher just stands on a podium and NEVER comes done to give a correction on form and that can lead to making a existing injury even worse.
Our Goal is to teach you:
How to do the poses correctly and safely for rapid results
We are a little old school.

It is crucial that you learn HOW to do each pose correctly and safely. 

After 18 years of teaching, it's been a proven method for rapid results.
How to assess your Nutrition and Lifestyle habits
Real transformation comes from the inside out, so that begins with your eating and lifestyle habits.

It is easier then you think to adjust these habits and when you do amazing things happen.
How to maintain your practice to KEEP your results.
The real key to transformation in the long term is consistent focused effort.

Everyone can inspire you do yoga for a couple of months. 

Very few can keep you coming back and getting results for years.
How to do the poses correctly and safely for rapid results

If you have felt like a failure in a yoga class, it's not your fault. We started to really focus on teaching the fundamentals with our clients because we saw that so many places just don't teach them any more.We also set your intention from day one by defining your goals so that you have a clear path for success.

Finding that once our clients have good form and get the personal attention they want as beginners, it leads rapid improvement across the board. 

They lose weight faster, eliminate chronic pain quickly and make a deep connection within themselves which leads to a life-long dedication to good health.
One of the biggest benefits I have personally experienced (aside from the GLORIOUS stress reduction) by practicing yoga here is greater awareness of my body – and this is where the weight loss and greater flexibility comes in.
 For the past year I’ve been practicing 3-5 times a week, have dropped over 50 pounds and all but a few modifications, and the injury for which I had a surgical consult hardly ever bothers me — no surgery required!
All that practice has paid off because now I stand straighter, more flexible, stronger in the core, no more back pain, lower blood pressure and the upside is I have lost almost 20lbs
All that practice has paid off because now I stand straighter, more flexible, stronger in the core, no more back pain, lower blood pressure and the upside is I have lost almost 20lbs
How to assess your Nutrition and Lifestyle habits for Serious Transformation
In the process of looking at every studio in town, everyone offers a ton of yoga classes.

People get some results and I know that we could get our clients better faster results by teaching them simple ways to adjust their nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Most are shocked at how easy it is to make the adjustments and how quickly they start to see results.

The biggest fear everyone has is that we will tell them to get on restrictive diet, but in reality, those types of nutrition plans just don't work.

They never last in the long term and we want to offer our clients better solutions that get faster results and will allow you to eat so much it hurts.

This is critical step towards long lasting transformation and we can teach it to you.
How to maintain your practice to KEEP your results.
Getting results is one thing. Keeping them is another.

Our focus is to create a customized plan for you to follow.

This included what to do after months have gone by and you start to lose motivation. THAT IS THE CRITICAL difference between other yoga studios and our results focused programs.

Our goals is for you to create a life-long dedication to wellness for yourself. It is vital to that process that learn what to do in times when motivation is low. 
Let me ask you a question...
If you followed our program and learned to fundamentals and started to see results. Then you did what we showed you with your nutrition and lifestyle habits and saw better results, then learned how to make this a life-long habit so that you live a LIFE of good health, do you think you would do this?
Can we show you the way you can get started? Read on!
We have created a simple way that will give you all the tools you need to get started. Of course it's going to involve a lot of yoga, but also so much more.
The 6 Week Yoga Immersion
Here's what you will get
  • 6 weeks unlimited yoga classes so that you get enough time to see real change.
  •  Our done for you 6 week transformation plan so that you have a plan that will tell you exactly how many times each week to do yoga and when to rest
  •  A free customized Nutrition and Lifestyle assessment so that you learn exactly how you need to eating and what lifestyle habits you need to change
  •  Unlimited coaching via our members only VIP facebook group so that you get the support and instant answers to your questions.
  •  Access to our VIP membership site that contains, nutrition resources, our On Demand Yoga class and audio so that you have all the resources need to when you travel
Over the course of your time with us we are going to show you how to do yoga so that you get rapid results (whatever you results you are seeking), what you need to do in your eating and lifestyle habits and how to maintain the habits for the long term.
Who will this work for?
Our programs will work for anyone who wants to see deep change in their body and willing to commit to the process.

We do specialize in those who are just getting started and people with chronic pain issues, but our programs are good for all.

If you want to make change because you are frustrated with where you are right now, then this is for you.

The biggest reason have a hard time getting started is usually because they are intimated that a classes will be full of super bendy people and they are not very flexible.

NOT TO WORRY!! We will help you out and everyone at our studio was just like you when they began. 

When they just took the step, it led to really great things and everyone here understands it is little scary at first. We all are here to support you.
By the end of the program you will be able to:
  •  See noticeable weight loss
  •  Increase over all flexibility
  •  Improve sleep patterns
  •  Propel over all health
  •  Destroy stress
  •  Ease chronic pain
  •  Develop the habits to keep your results in the long term
Does this excite you?
If so, then you are ready to get started.

You have 2 choices, do nothing and you will get no results

Or you can click on the button below to get started to take advantage of our 6 Week Yoga Immersion we designed for our new clients.

Normally we charge $450 for this program.

But for our new clients we drop the price one time to just $97.00!

What's the catch?

Well we only have 25 spaces total each month as we limit our class sizes to insure quality instruction and personal attention.

We want your program to be the most powerful experience you can get with as much value as possible so we make sure to keep our group small so that it's all about you.

Here is what to do next:
Go below and click on the get started now button. Purchase the offer online and then make an appointment for your first session right away.

Don't wait to do this otherwise you stay in the bad space you are in right now that lead you to read all this.

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