Welcome to the California Yoga Company.

Your transformation is our business

We understand, up till now your schedule, your job, kids or even just life has distracted you from taking care of yourself. That’s life it happens while you are busy. Before you know it, you are overweight, out of shape, maybe have bad back or knee. Doctors will tell you, “loss weight, exercise and life will be better”

True, but it harder then they make out to be. All the factors that lead you to reading now has prevented from taking action. If it were easy, you would have done it a long time ago.

Good news, you have come to the right place.

Our studio is committed to using our fitness systems to provide anyone with a wellness routine that will weave into your everyday life. Many of our clients come to use with poor health, limited time, chronic injuries and never done yoga or fitness before. Putting together over 20 years of fitness experience, we have woven together health systems that produce amazing results. Read about some of our members amazing successes.

We believe in results, designing all of our services to be effective in 6-8 week time period, if you COMMIT to the routines you will get results. We do more then just provide amazing classes for you to attend.¬†We teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s key to our members success!

We have helped thousands our people, lose weight, get stronger, eliminate chronic pain and transform their lives. We are passionate about helping people achieve their health goals!

Most start with our powerful Hot Yoga classes. During classes, you will sweat, rehab chronic pains, develop basic strength and flexibility. Our unique 41 pose classes are excellent as stand alone health system but also provide a great stretching routine for whatever athletics you enjoy.

For taking your routine to the next level, we provide strength training on the Gravity Training System. The 30 minute intense workouts are perfect to add strength, cardio and stretching to your routine in one workout. Combined with a solid nutrition plan these sessions get results FAST.

We also feature regular workshops in Yamuna Body Rolling, Yin Yoga and more. Our Teacher Training has produced the best Hot Yoga Teachers in the bay area.

All our services are taught by experienced teachers that will give you the personal attention you need to succeed. The community of people at our studio will become the support system that will inspire you to get through the humps.

Start with our Transformation Camp.