Discover the San Francisco Fitness Focused Yoga studio that helps get you flexible, relieve stress, alleviate chronic injuries and challenges your body every time

Do something that leaves you more energized than ever, Something that liberates you from your pain.Frees you from your limitations and inspires you to do something good for yourself everyday.

Sleep better, be stronger and feel more powerful in your life. Join a supportive community,  taught by confident experienced teachers.

Where can you get all of this in one place?

In one of our Hot Yoga Classes.

We will give you the personal attention, smaller class sizes, experienced teachers, great physically challenging yoga sessions (which can be modified to accommodate injuries), but you also will get a proven methods that give you the tools and support you want to succeed in your health goals.


I feel so much stronger and more active than I was even just a few months ago. My body can do all sorts of things it couldn’t do before, and I’m so excited because I know this is just the beginning.


It’s been almost 2 years and I have been faithfully attending 4 to 6 classes a week. I used to have crippling neck pain that would plague me every few months and required 3 chiropractic sessions a week. Now I go to the chiropractor every 2-3 weeks. Yoga has strengthened my body and mind in ways I couldn’t even imagine.


I stand straighter, more flexible, stronger in the core, no more back pain, lower blood pressure and the upside is I have lost almost 20lbs. This is great since it is putting less strain on my joints. I still limp from my sciatic pain but my doctors have told me that this takes time and that I am on my way to hopefully being pain free! I am no longer going to physical therapy because Brian has taken me to another whole level that therapy could no longer give me.

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