10 reasons why you will love us


Be a Rockstar

Our Yoga creates amazing energy that will make you shine. Your skin will glow, your presence becomes infectious, and your confidence will make you rockstar in your life.

Sleeeeeeep GOOOOD!

One of the first benefits people see is they fall asleep easier and wake up feeling fully rested and restored ready to take on the new day.

Get the Yoga buzz

Need a natural coffee buzz? Do 2 classes a day for 30 days and you will get a natural buzz from all the energy you create!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Doing Yoga makes you happier. The stress of your life will not matter. Regardless of what it is, things that are stress will no longer bug you!

Get better at Koochi,Koochi

Need we say more?

Able to Leap Tall Buildings

You will become physically higher and begin to carry your body differently. Your posture will improve and you will walk taller. You will become mentally higher and will feel more confident, more focused and less stressed. And you thought you could never be a super hero!

Get in the zone

You will feel less stressed and more in control of your time. You will have new mental clarity and be able to focus on the task at hand.

Pain, what pain?

Yoga is healing. It’s physical therapy for your entire body. When you try to perform the postures the right way, your body will begin to change and improve. You will work through old injuries and rid yourself or significantly reduce pain. Your immune system will get improve and you will get sick less often. If you do get sick it will be for a shorter duration.


Yoga is YOUR time to unplug each minute is a great escape from the daily rat race. There is no time to think about problems or your “to do” list. You will be 100% focused on your body and your breath.

Yoga People are a Fun Bunch

Yoga people have an amazing community of really cool, positive people. You will be surrounded by others that are interested in improving their lives and leading healthy lifestyles. We’ll surround you and make you like us!