6 Weeks to Transformation

The Monnier Method Six Week Transformation

CA-Yoga-Co-25Change does come over night. No matter what you do for your health goals, it is going to take time. Real transformation does not happen from just once a week workouts! Your body will only change with a dedicated, consistent routine. That’s why we have developed this 6 week plan. We have outlined when and how much you should be working out. What will happen during each week and even when to rest.

Week 1

You will get to class 3-5 times a week because you’re excited to do something new. You will be sore, but the easiest way to change that is to work through it. You’ll sleep better than you have in a long time. You will feel generally well and less stressed.

Week 2

During week two your body will start to crave class and you will begin to notice that you get stiff on the days you miss yoga. Make sure to get to yoga a least 4 times this week! You also will get hungry because your metabolism has been activated. This is perfect time to examine your nutrition and increase your water intake.

Week 3

You’ve done so well the last 2 weeks, you deserve to keep it going. Week 3 is when almost everyone starts to lose motivation. If you feel this, come talk to us, we have been through the process ourselves many times.We are committed to holding you accountable to keep going. This is the week where it is the most important to get to yoga more than ever! I challenge you to do 5 classes this week! Also it would be great time to add weight training to your routine, sign up for Gravity Personal training session!

Week 4

Welcome to rest week! After 3 weeks of lots of yoga your body will need a week of light exercise. Get to yoga at least 3 times and make sure to just take it easy. You are craving healthy foods now so I’m confident you’re eating well! No junk food! Junk food means Junk body! Especially in rest week!

Week 5

After a week of rest you should feel stronger, refreshed and ready to get back to your hard work. Bump your practice back up to 4-5 times a week. This is also the time when old injuries or tweaks can pop up. Working through dull pain can help you to clear old scar tissue and improve your range of motion. Be mindful and work with your body so you don’t re-injure yourself. If you experience sharp pain, stop! If you are unsure of your boundaries, talk to our staff for recommendations. You can do this and we are here to help!

Week 6

Welcome to the week of noticeable physical change! If you have stuck to the plan and maintained a healthy diet, you look and feel stronger! You should feel taller and have better posture. You’ve been sleeping really well at night. Your generally flexibility will have improved and your joints should feel much better. But don’t stop here!!! Get to yoga 4-5 times this week and repeat the process again for another six weeks. The more time you repeat this process the greater your results!

Don’t forget to EAT!

Get even more dramatic results by eating right! We HIGHLY recommend Paul Chek’s book “How to Eat, Move and be Healthy”. It is the best resource we have found for a finding how to eat right. The book is wealth of knowledge and we have seen those that follow our plan and Paul’s nutrition and lifestyle guideline have AMAZING results.

Combine this plan with the nutrition and lifestyle guidelines Paul Chek’s book and watch your body completely change!

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