Community Outreach


Our children need more exercise. The public school system no longer provides enough regular exercise to keep kids healthy. The educational standards of no child left behind omits exercise, the arts and music as necessary part of a child’s education. Kids no longer get to play as much as YOU did when you went to school.

Our children are the most unfit of any generation to date.  The amounts childhood obesity, ADHD and childhood diabetes are just astounding. Every moment of public school kids time is jammed with education and there is very little time for them to move around and just be kids. It is no wonder why they are get sick easily and having behavioral problems!

We can prevent and manage obesity, ADHD and diabetes be providing the children with good nutrition and regular rigorous exercise.

The director of the California Yoga Company has a mission. Get as many kids he can to exercise. In cooperation with the Community Youth Center of San Francisco (, the California Yoga Company hosts a program for low income children to yoga at our studio. The kids LOVE it! Our pilot program was HUGE success and we have waiting list our children who need your help.

Please help us provide more times for this amazing children to shine. Donate to our page. We are looking to expand this very important program to 5 times a week. Any amount greatly helps!!!

Helps a bunch great kids who need it do yoga!

For those seeking donations from us. We only make donations for those charities which benefit the public school system. If your organization needs donations and meets our mission, please use the contact page to inquire about getting a donations.