Our Most Popular Membership


Over the years, we have seen it time and time again– those that commit to themselves get the most powerful transformation in their bodies and lives. By signing up for our Diamond level membership, you show that are ready for deep, lasting change.

Our Diamond members are an incredible group of people that supports of our entire community. They are people just like you who choose to move towards positive change every day. You will see them in class regularly and their radiance will inspire you to practice more often.

By committing yourself to a diamond membership, the California Yoga Company commits to you. Our Diamond members enjoy The best rate we offer, discounts on workshops, cheaper mat rentals, special diamond member events and the extra support from teachers they need to take their practice to the highest level.

You see, by “Going Diamond,” you are becoming a part of something that will be important for the rest of your life. Our Diamonds are Ambassadors of Positivity. They will make you want to achieve the change you have been seeking.

If this excites you, make the commitment to shine like a diamond. Contact the studio to set up your membership today!