Teacher Education


Monnier Method Teacher Education

Become a great teacher, no matter your method. The Monnier method is system of teaching methods which gives teachers the tools they need for the communication in  teaching. Breaking down the complexities into easy to understand ways for your students. Share what you know. Learn how to use the epiphanies that come from your personal practice and teaching experience to inspire others success in their practice.

Your unique voice will shine through when we support you in developing a clear personal dialogue. Connect with your student’s physical body through communication about alignment, weight distribution and breath regulation, allowing them the freedom to ascend to new heights. Learn how to spot injury, restriction and compensation and how and when to modify the pose in support of growth and healing.

You are no longer alone. The real work starts once you put your training to the test. That is why we continue to support your growth by responding to your questions and providing teacher processing groups. Build your community while learning from your peers. This is a long term mentorship.


To educate instructors we have 2 options available.

Please note that we are not Yoga Alliance registered. The Director does not support the organization and feels that the requirements of the YA are not to hold a high enough standard for yoga teacher to be good teachers.