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“Becoming a yoga teacher takes time. Becoming a GREAT yoga teacher takes continued mentoring and lots of practice.” Brian Monnier

Next Module 1 Begins Every Sunday Sept 20th-Oct 11th 11:30am-4:30pm

250 hour Teacher Training

You have call to become a yoga teacher. Practicing for many years, you have dedicated yourself to your development as practitioner and you want to take it to the next level and become a yoga teacher. Signing up for a expensive program in your area, you graduate and then after training is over, get a couple classes.

At first you get some people and then it happens. You get into a class a challenging student comes in. Having a horrible interaction with the student they go on Yelp and complain loudly. The studio owner promptly has a “conversation” with you.

Then after a couple of weeks attendance drops in your class and the studio again had “conversation” with you. A couple days later a LONG time regular of the studio takes your class, walks out, and the “conversation” with the studio is a final one.

This is the typical story of most people who do the average yoga teacher training. After teaching full time for 15 years, owning a studio for 10 years, I have seen this happen so many times to new teachers.

Very few teacher training give new graduates the support after the training is over. You are usually thrown to the wolves and don’t have access to the person who mentored you. More then likely your training was all about asana and not about teacher/student interactions.

They never prepare you for the real LIVE stuff that happens in a yoga class. New teachers are always left to figure things out on their own and rarely get the support or the class management skills needed for real life situations.

Over the course of years I have taught live classes and taught teacher trainees, I have stumbled onto a great way to interact with students, handle objections and how to successfully build a following that will support you for years.

Who am I?

pic_brianI am Brian Monnier a yoga teacher, martial artist and transformation specialist. For 15 years I have enjoyed a amazing journey as full time yoga teacher and studio owner. I am on a mission to train a handful of highly qualified Hot Yoga teachers to be best in world.

Over the course of my career, I have figured out a effective way to teach people of to teach Hot yoga. My teaching approach has been developed through lots of trail and error. I have made all the mistakes you can make as teacher.

When training people to be teachers, I focus on teaching them how to avoid the mistakes most new teacher make and what to do when an objection or problem arises in live class. My trainees go through extensive live practice with continued mentorship from me directly.

Many of my certified teachers have gone on to be full time yoga or fitness professionals. Some own studios of their own, some are just full time in the industry and live the life they always wanted. They do become successful because of the process that I have developed. It is simple and powerful.

Practice what you preach

I don’t let just anyone in this training. In anything you want to be really good at you need to be able to do it well. That’s why I require all teacher training candidates to practice at least 3 times a week at my studio for a minimum of 3 months. In addition you will need to be ready to dedicate a good portion of your time and efforts for at least the first 6 months to your practice and teaching.

That’s the gig. When you first start it is super important to clear your plate, simplify your life and just practice and teach.

It’s process I have done many times with people and my most successful students just keep it simple. When you start any teacher training you need to expect that your life might go a little crazy. Yoga stirs things up! Clear off your plate for awhile and just practice and teach.

Limited spaces available

To insure that I give the best personal attention to my trainees I only take limited amount each time. It is very rare that I do a teacher training and when I do, I dedicate a lot of personal time for over  year to working closely with my trainees.

I want you to be the best and the only way get there is from consistent coaching from a mentor.

What we will be doing in Module 1

The first module is about getting your foundation down. We keep it simple but there is great amount of work in each area we work on. Here is what you will learn!

Weekly Practice

Good teaching comes from a deep understanding of your own practice. You will develop a dedicated weekly personal practice schedule so that you understand what a lot of yoga practice will do to your body and how to get through the personal barriers you have put on yourself.


From day one, we start on developing your personal dialogue so that you will have set of instructions that YOU created based on your own personal experiences with your own voice. We also will develop your session management skills so that you learn how to over come objections from difficult students.

Learning the body

In our weekly meeting times, there will be ALOT of discussion of the how the body works, how to modify for physical limitations and posture clinics so that you have firm understanding of each the poses. I have secret to tell you. It’s not as hard as you think!

This process works and works well, listen to just some of my graduates experiences.

See what my graduates have to say about my training.

Jessica’s Story (Inner Fire Yoga):

jessicaI was a certified Bikram instructor when I met Brian at an advanced 84 Classic Asana practice. I kept looking over at Brian and thinking, what good yoga! I had been practicing for 3 years and teaching for a year and was at a plateau. I had very little mentoring or constructive feedback to make me a better teacher. I felt stuck with knowing that I had more to give, but being restricted by the way I was being expected to be taught. I was also experiencing pain in my lower back and knees during practice. I came to yoga to heal and to grow, and I had lost that.

That all changed when I met Brian. I took his class and it was THE best yoga class I’ve ever taken. I signed up right away for his training. We spent hours and hours going over basic anatomy, physiology, energy patterns, injury susceptibility, and deconstructing the postures. This training was about my practice as equally as it was about my teaching. Brian says that to become a better teacher, you have to practice more. That is so true. In my training with him I had to re-learn a lot of basics that I had learned in my Bikram yoga practice and my Bikram yoga teacher training, but it all made sense and I realized the truth of what Bikram was originally teaching. The Monnier Method is in the same lineage as Bikram yoga, but the Method captures the elements that Bikram yoga is now missing.

From Brian and teaching for him, I learned how to hold the energy of the room, to connect with each student many times during class, and to zone in on detailed adjustments in seconds, while keeping an eye on everyone else in the room. The feedback from my students was wonderful. I finally was teaching! I was finding my own voice. Regardless of what I learned from Brian and how technical the explanations of the postures can be, I always was free to let my own voice come through. I wasn’t teaching Bikram’s class. I wasn’t teaching Brian’s class. It was MY class, and that’s how it must evolve.

My journey is continuing in my own practice and my teaching. I am now moving out of the state, but I am taking all of my learnings and experiences with me from my tenure with Brian. I have referred many students to go take his class. As a teacher, you must be a voracious learner, or else you cannot teach anymore. If you feel like you are hitting a wall as a yoga teacher currently, go check out Brian’s class and ask him about his teacher training. Or if you are just starting out in yoga and want to learn from the best, go see Brian. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Bill’s Story:

billI certainly didn’t think I was going to be a yoga teacher or anything, but I took a few yoga classes at the gym that made my neck and shoulders feel a little better. I wasn’t sure what style of yoga these classes were and I struggled to understand the softly spoken long Sanskrit pose names and how I should be breathing. Then I met Brian Monnier. Brian’s studio was around the corner from my apartment. His “no scene, no stress, just yoga” motto attracted me but it was his great yoga class, with his clear instructions and knowledgeable corrections to my yoga poses, that kept me running back for more. Having suffered for years with hip, neck and shoulder injuries, I slowly started to notice differences in my posture, and after classes my pains were noticeably reduced.

Brian understands the body extremely well, and he also understands injuries.

Best of all, he is able to communicate this understanding to his students in a simple, straight forward way. I kept going back until one day I noticed an announcement that Brian had posted about a teacher training. I didn’t plan on teaching yoga for a living, but couldn’t think of a better person to learn from. The teacher training months were tough…really tough! On top of my day job I added 12 hours of yoga a week. Several days I had to work a full day, then race to Brian’s for two evening classes back to back. I journaled, read about yoga, studied the basics of anatomy, and sweated a lot. My body had never been in such great shape and I had fallen in love with yoga.

I am now teaching yoga full time, working to develop my practice and my business. Brian is still the strongest influence on my yoga life, and he is certainly my strongest supporter. His kindness, compassion, and wealth of knowledge has influenced me to follow a similar path and I couldn’t be more thankful. You don’t need to think you want to be a yoga teacher to take Brian’s training.The work is definitely time consuming and challenging and the love is sometimes tough, but Brian is truly the best mentor and yoga teacher. I highly recommend Brian’s teacher training for anyone who wants to learn a lot about yoga in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Venis’s Story:

venisFrom my first class with Brian I could see his passion for yoga. I could tell he was a great teacher with lots of knowledge. But what really struck me is the fact that he was a regular guy and his classes were meant for our times. “No stress, No scene” is the motto of the studio and it just makes sense.
Life changing is all I can say about the teacher training program with Brian. I was lucky enough to get him one on one. I value the individual attention I got, and still get when I take one of his classes. Yes, I had to learn the basics, anatomy, all the poses, etc. I was worried at first about the Sanskrit, but he assured me that it will come and that we really don’t use them much in class. It’s better to describe each pose in depth in English.
Writing out my dialogue was tough at first, but with his guidance I learned how to say what is necessary to guide the class, but not sound like a carbon copy of him. It took a while, but I think I have found my voice and am so happy to be teaching at the studio. In fact, when I teach, in my head I am taking the class as well. Thinking “How can I describe the feeling when I do each pose myself”? And I can hear Brian’s voice telling my to breathe.
All I can say to anyone thinking of taking the training is DO IT! It has deepened my own practice and passion for yoga. Yes, it changed my life!

Gerri’s Story:

GerriThe one thing about Brian’s Teacher Training Program that makes it a much more valued program is the word: SUPPORT!

When the thought crossed my mind about being a teacher, I still was not fully ready to commit. This is why the program that is put together here, at California is so full-proof (it gives you time to really think about things). Brian does not just take anyone off the street that wants to do yoga. One must first be part of the Community and be practicing
at California Yoga for at least 6 months. Then you must have taken an Immersion Class to give you more in depth training about poses (more time to decide). Then, from that point, I knew I wanted to full commit myself to teaching yoga with California Yoga.

His course uses all your senses of learning. We read and write out our dialogues. We also watch and break down each pose and shadow senior teachers. Then finally we are required to practice a few class ourselves. Like with anything, “practice makes perfect”! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

I enjoyed the whole process of the teacher training. Some times I felt stressed a little but there is always a rhyme and reason to Brian’s Methods. What is also important about his Teacher Training is that one is able to build on lasting relationships with the group and at the end….there will be no end(unless you want it to end)….You will always
have the guidance and SUPPORT of Brian and the Monnier Method.

Sarah’s Story:


I am originally from London, but have lived in the Bay Area for many years.  As a single Mom, I spent many years working for attorneys in order to raise my son and daughter, but about four years ago I realized I wanted to change directions and teach yoga for the rest of my life.  I sporadically practiced yoga through the 80’s and 90’s and then in 2005 discovered Bikram and loved it until ACL reconstruction curtailed my practice for several months.


An on-line coupon brought me to Brian Monnier’s California Yoga Company in April, 2010 and within a few classes I was hooked!  I knew I had found a style of yoga which made sense to me and nurtured my body, mind and spirit and that this was the yoga I wanted to teach and to practice.

I cannot recommend the Teacher Training Program enough.  We started with a workshop addressing nutrition and basic postures and followed it with weekly workshops developing our knowledge of anatomy, postures, breathing and the actual dialog of the classes, including how to perform adjustments, posture modifications and work with the energy of each class.  Brian is extremely knowledgeable and fun to learn from, and mentors his students to a degree I have not seen anywhere else.    I must also say that the cost is extremely reasonable and one is able to go through the training while not giving up the rest of one’s life to do so, thereby making it accessible to all.

Once the training is over, Brian is there to help, encourage, critic and help you through the next part of the learning process.   I feel honored to teach at his studio and love the community and the teachers at California Yoga Company.   I look forward to my continued growth and sharing with you all the wonderful benefits to the mind, body and soul of a regular yoga practice.  Namaste.

Carol’s Story(Yoga Connections):

carolcalyogapicIn 2012 I took Brian Monnier’s 200 hr. teacher training  At that time I had been teaching Bikram yoga for over a year.  I wanted to learn more about the Bishnu Ghoush lineage of yoga that Bikram yoga is based on, I also wanted to become a better yoga teacher.  I knew that Brian had studied with Tony Sanchez for years, and I had practiced the 84 asanas with Brian a couple of times.  Brian is Old  School Yoga, he passes his knowledge from teacher to student in the oral tradition that has evolved over the centuries.  The only way you can do this is by studying with a master for years.  I improved the quality of my teacher speak, how I moved around the room while teaching and developed a good eye for asana alignment as well as becoming more confident in my teaching skills.

October 2012  I opened my first yoga studio, I travel to San Francisco once a week now to meet with Brian and the other teachers that have taken his training. We practice the 84 Asanas together, at this time we can ask Brian any yoga questions or problem we may be having.  Even though the training is over, and in most yoga teacher trainings you will never see your teacher again.  Brian is not only there for us, he makes a practice space available for any of his teachers who want to come.  Practicing with a master yogi is a honor I look forward to it every week.  I currently am working toward my 500 hr. certification of the Monnier method.  If you would like to ask me any questions about my experience going through the training I welcome your calls. 707 621 0777

emiko oye


I came to California Yoga Company with a well-established Bikram Yoga practice, looking for a hot hatha that would feel rejuvenating in my body, and what struck me right from the first classes was how I was finally able to understand what I was feeling in my body in the poses. This was due to the clear, concise and engaging instruction from Brian and his staff, not only how to get into a pose but how it would benefit specific parts of the body. They were teaching people to be thinking yogis, and genuinely connecting with individuals to help guide each person on his/her path to wellness.


Deep down in my gut I knew that one day I would teach yoga, it was just a matter of finding the right mentor. I asked yoga teacher friends of mine for advice and they all stressed the importance of picking a well-established teacher to study under – how it directly affects your success as a yoga teacher to be. After a year of consistent practice a CalYoga, internalizing the Monnier Method, I was chomping at the bit to understand yoga from a teacher’s perspective and “see” what Brian could see in students’ bodies and how to heal them through yoga. Taking his nutrition and asana workshops I was soaking up all the knowledge he had to offer like a sponge and knew it was there was so much more to learn through the teacher training course. Sign me up, pronto!

What makes Brian’s training so unique and solid is that he truly invests his energy into each trainee to become an exceptional teacher – giving you on-the-job experience teaching classes, how to administer hands-on assists, helping you to discover your own voice, and continuing to provide support post-training. Creating a safe environment that fosters curiosity for learning. He gets down to business with the goal for you to succeed, no excuses taken! His 20 years in the yoga business have led him to fine tune his craft and he willingly shares his insights as well as mistakes.

Since my Cal Yoga training in 2012 I have completed an additional 200-hr teacher training in another yoga style and during that training I felt so grateful to have Brian’s training under my belt. I had a solid foundation, confidence in my voice, and was not overwhelmed by the amount of information presented. Rather, the information was retained more immediately because much of it I had heard from Brian over and over again! If you want to be a teacher that effects change and teaches with an authentic voice, Cal Yoga Teacher training is a great place to start!


Limited spaces available!

I am only taking 17 people for this training! Because of the limited spaces, when I do a training spots often go quickly. In fact I often get a wait list, so in order for you to become a part of this training, click on the button below and I will email you your application.

Upon approval for the training the early bird registration date is March 27th. You can save up to 35% on the price of the training but paying in full for either the whole training of the just this module.

take the step to change your life path and do something that changes people lives. Inspire others they that you are inspired!

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