250 hour Yoga Teacher Training


“Becoming a yoga teacher takes time. Becoming a GREAT yoga teacher takes continued mentoring and lots of practice.” Brian Monnier

250 Hour Beginner Level Teacher Training

We teach our instructors how to TEACH yoga . Our extensive education process and mentoring program prepare you for the “real world” situations of teaching a live class. Providing on going teaching support for our trainees is ones of the keys to success. We believe in on going regular mentoring from a main source.

From day one you learn the real world skills needed to become a full time yoga teacher. Stripping the fluff away, Our education is about you becoming a powerful teacher who knows what to do in any situation. Be a part of a powerful experience on how to teach the poses correctly. You will enter a supportive hoop of teachers that always give you the feedback you need to grow into a powerful instructor.

We limit teacher training sizes to insure lots of personal attention and so you can make deep connections to our teaching community. Expect to have a lot of fun, learn about how to teach yoga and get ready to change your life!


  • completed 6 months of regular practice at our studio.
  • completion of yoga immersion.
  • be ready to spend roughly 1 year completing training requirement.

Month 1: Asana,Body Mechanics and Lifestyle

In this model we start the process of understanding our beginning yoga class Core 41. Develop your personal dialogue and find your voice. Learn more about each of the asanas. Here you will also review your personal nutritional habits and how they effect your practice. You will begin to teach live classes by the end!

Month 2: Modifications, Dialogue and Teacher tools

Here you will learn how the body functions mechanically. Discussion on modification for physical limitation or injury will be covered. This model will also refine of your personal dialogue and develop of your “teacher tool kit”. We as a group will also review all your class taught.

Month 3: Advanced teaching methods

After many months of teaching, you will have many situations that challenge you as a teacher. Those real life situations that can only be learned in the field. In Model 3 you learn the many ways to inspire even your most difficult student!


  • Jan 4-March 29th, 2015

Time: Every Sunday 4:00 pm-6:00 pm.



Pay in full for either pricing by Nov 27, 2014 and take 20% off the price!