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60 minutes, 3-5 times a week for 30 days and watch your life completely change.
New Student special:  30 days unlimited for $30!!
Our goal is to provide you a space that is fun, safe and supportive for a upgrade to your health. A place to get the individual attention and guidance to help you attain the vision of how you want to change and feel better.

Many of our members come to us as beginners, with chronic injuries or unfavorable lifestyle habits. They are seeking to no longer live with the pain that limits their work, causes sleepless nights, keeps them from feeling comfortable in their skin. They are just like you.

Imagine finally the feeling of what will happen when you have reshaped your body and no longer feel stuck by chronic pain.

Would you feel more confident, be able to get off life altering medications, feel more confident and powerful?

If this sounds like what you want in your life, then click on the button below and take the first step.
Here is what you are going to get...
  •  UNLIMITED sessions so that you get plenty of time to see a physical change.
  •  A FREE Nutrition and Lifestyle analysis so that create a realistic plan to follow to see BIG change in your health. 
  •    My 6 Week Transformation workout plan so have clear path to when and how much to work out each week to see your body reshape itself. 
  •   Access to our VIP membership site so that you have all the resource you need while traveling to keep up your routine.
Hi! I'm Brian Monnier
"I'm a yoga transformation expert for beginners and those with chronic injuries. For 19 years I have helped thousands of people with my proven transformation process"
One of the biggest benefits I have personally experienced (aside from the GLORIOUS stress reduction) by practicing yoga here is greater awareness of my body – and this is where the weight loss and greater flexibility comes in.
 For the past year I’ve been practicing 3-5 times a week, have dropped over 50 pounds and all but a few modifications, and the injury for which I had a surgical consult hardly ever bothers me — no surgery required!
All that practice has paid off because now I stand straighter, more flexible, stronger in the core, no more back pain, lower blood pressure and the upside is I have lost almost 20lbs
Brian and his teachers pay very close attention to each student, so when I spoke with him about my concerns regarding the old injury, he assured me he would help me to work on strengthening the area I had fractured. I feel like I have finally gained back the 1/2 inch I lost in height from my compression fracture- 8 years later- all thanks to my yoga practice at this studio.